What's New - Dynamics CRM 2016 

CRM 2016 key enhancements
A clear focus on enabling salespeople to work how and where they want to work. 
Enhanced integration with Outlook and Excel 
Improved mobile capabilities for tablets and phones. 
CRM App for Outlook 
Already providing a true offline and rich sales capability, in CRM 2016, CRM App for Outlook1 makes it easy to track emails, add contacts from within an email or even create new records to track emails against the browser on PC or Mac or mobile browser on phone. The CRM App for Outlook will expand support to include Firefox, Safari for Mac and Outlook for Mac in addition to the currently supported IE and Chrome. 
Track Exchange email activities automatically with folder tracking 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 provides a way to track incoming Exchange email activities. You can set up a tracking folder and then drag an incoming email message to that folder to track it. You can associate a tracked folder with a specific record, such as an account or opportunity, so whenever you move a message to that folder, it's automatically linked to that specific record. 
Excel Integration 
CRM 2016 enables salespeople to conduct analysis in Excel directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, eliminating the time and effort required to switch between applications in the middle of completing a business process. Views can either be downloaded to Excel or opened in Excel Online. Salespeople can then perform what-if analysis, and upload the changes, all while maintaining the work context. New Excel templates for CRM 2016 make it easy to produce reports. For example the Sales Pipeline Management template produces an easy to read view of all your key Pipeline data with ready created charts showing amongst others Win/Loss by Quarter, Win/Loss per Source Campaign, Opportunities created by Month giving Sales Managers the data they need in a powerful visual format.  
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Data can be exported and analysed in Excel on your mobile device with the CRM form Tablets and Phones apps. 
Document Generation simplified 
In addition to the new Excel templates, CRM 2016 introduces Word templates that with one click can create Account or Case summaries, Invoices and Orders. Custom templates can also be generated using a wizard. 
Voice of the Customer - Surveys 
Also new to CRM 2016 is a survey designer allowing you to create and send questionaires and collect feedback. Surveys can be completed on phone, tablet or computer and once submitted can trigger follow-up actions that can happen immediately. Customer feedback is stored in the Customer's record so sales or Customer Service staff can see the feedback history whenever they are dealing with them.  
Customer Service, a new look and a new focus 
The Interactive Service Hub is a new online user experience. With a more modern look and an intuitive feel it comes ready loaded with a multi stram dashboard aimed at Customer Service agents. The streams can show Views or Queues e.g. My Activities, My Cases. Interactive charts give a snapshot of key metrics and can be used to filter the data. For Customer service managers there is an additional dashboard that shows an aggregate view of the workload. There are 4 different dashboard layouts to choose from. 
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