The New Face of Dynamics 
The new face of Dynamics 365
This month saw the release of the latest version of Dynamics 365 (CRM) which will be rolled out to all existing Online customers over the coming months. 
Dynamics 365 v9 has a new user interface which provides the basis for the Unified User Interface to be rolled out in a later release. In addition there are some new features and functionality. 
Here we give you an overview of some of the key new features of this version. 
New User Interface 
The big news here is the new user interface(UI) giving a new cleaner look to the main screens. 
The forms have been rationalised to provide even spacing, consistent font usage and a generally cleaner look. 
This is the next step towards the new Unified User Interface across all devices – browser, tablet, phone, which will also introduce more use of colour on the forms. 
Click on the image above to show some of this in more detail. 
Multi Select Option Sets 
A much requested feature that has been introduced is the Multi-Select Option Set. This is a new Field Type – “Multiselect Option Set”. Unfortunately existing Option Set fields cannot be changed to Multiselect. 
Advanced Find has operators for “Contains Values” or “Does not Contain Values” for multiselect fields. 
Multi Select Option Sets
Other Key New Features 
• Option to Word Wrap fields and labels. This is a system level option which can be set by the system administrator. 
• Additional Theme capabilities – As well as the default theme there are 2 additional themes (Orange and Blue). Within each theme there are additional areas that can be customised. 
• Custom Colours for Related Entity sub-grids. When customising Sub-grids on forms a new option allows you to enter the hex code for the colour required. 
• Advanced Find new operators for Contains / Does Not Contain enabling you to query where a record does or does not have specific related entity records, for example Accounts with no Contacts. 
Sub-grid colour configuration
New Advanced Find Options
We are now updating all our training materials to reflect the new version, so expect another blog soon any findings from this. 
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