Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Housing Associations 

The engagement process for housing enquiries can be a very manual, a typical engagement process includes: 
A lot of retyping of information from one system to another. 
Filtering and qualifying applicants that are not serious enquiries 
Managing the application process in terms of affordability calculations 
Matching enquiries to properties 
Checking and verifying information 
Arranging visits. 
By automating the engagement process using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 platform you can automatically qualify around 90% of all applications without any manual intervention, leaving more time to spend on the applicants that you can have a genuine need and meet the criteria that you require whether its for sales, shared ownership or rental. 
Automating the engagement process can significantly reduce the cost of sale and at the same time improve the speed of response to your clients. 
Enquiry made on the website 
The engagement process typically starts from the website. Enquiry details added to the “Contact Us” form on the website e.g. basic contact information including developments/properties they are interested in, come straight into the CRM system as a lead. The enquiry is assessed automatically based upon certain qualification rules e.g. employment status, earnings etc. The CRM system can then automatically calculate an initial affordability value. This would help to qualify around 80% of the applications without any manual intervention. 
Throughout this process, standard emails can be set up for the different enquiry outcomes e.g. 
To inform the enquirer of a positive outcome and to send them links to the next stage in the process e.g. a more comprehensive financial survey 
To inform of a negative outcome, the reasons for the decision and give further advice and guidance. 
Identify if an enquirer has filled out the forms incorrectly e.g. they entered their annual salary into the monthly earnings field. 
Financial Survey 
For those enquiries that result in a positive outcome, an online survey can be used to collect more detailed financial information. This has the benefit of cutting down sales effort but will also give immediate feedback to the enquirer as the process is completed in real time. 
The different outcomes for this stage in the process can also be automated: 
Enquirers with positive outcomes can be informed and a call back can be scheduled based upon the best time day to make contact. These enquirers can be added to marketing lists automatically e.g. by development, a regional list based on property type/ price band/ rental vs sale. 
Some enquirers will qualify themselves out because they are not very serious and do not want to supply the financial information. These can still be added to marketing lists. 
Negative outcomes based upon the financial information they complete can be communicated and advice can be sent via email. The email might also give them a property value or rental value calculation that they can afford. The system can also automatically add them to a “property price band” marketing list, based upon their calculated affordability. 
Some users will want to discuss the survey with a person and a day / time can be agreed. 
The whole sales process up to this point can be automated, it is only at this point that the sales team needs to engage with the enquirer to further qualify and verify information. Around 90% of the enquiries could have been automatically qualified to this point. 
Matching properties 
As the sales engagement progresses, an Application record is created in CRM. The process flow ribbon in the CRM application record can be configured with the sales process stages and reminders of the tasks to be completed. There would be a different route through the process depending on sales vs rental. 
It would also be possible to generate a list of these tasks using workflow, the tasks would be assigned to the sales owner. These tasks can be seen in CRM against the specific application record but will also show in the individual’s activity area in CRM and in their tasks in outlook. Activities in CRM include emails sent and received, phone calls, meetings, viewings, tasks etc are all tracked in CRM. The outlook connector allow users to add received emails into the CRM system. The CRM system will show all touch points and communications between THE HOUSING ASSOCIATION and the client. 
In addition, any documents that THE HOUSING ASSOCIATION receive can be attached to CRM via a link into Microsoft SharePoint or attached to notes in the system. Any hard copies of documents can be scanned in and paper documents destroyed or held in a secure environment. This would give THE HOUSING ASSOCIATION a far more secure and compliant environment. 
The CRM system comes with a very powerful security model that can protect personal information right down to the field level so that sensitive information can be protected. 
The sales person can match the enquirer to a series of properties, viewing appointment can be set up in CRM these will appear in the clients and the sales persons electronic diaries and all of this process can be recorded and accessed in CRM. 
Once a rental or a sale is agreed the Application is closed as WON. At this point an Agreement record can be created. Within this record any post sales information can be collected, any correspondence collated and the VOID process can also be managed. 
The sales process can be supported by various automated emails to inform and automate the sales process, online surveys to collect further information, workflows to add users to marketing lists. 
In addition to this, the solution provides a complete platform that could be used for emailing, sms messaging, surveys with skip logic (if answer to this is No, then ask this question), nurture emailing, landing pages, website tracking, lead scoring and much more. 
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