Purchase Order Management and Basic Stock Control System 

The Purchase Order Management and Basic Stock Control Solution allows products to be classified as Stock Items. For those products Purchase Orders can be generated from the Quote. 
If the quote includes items from multiple suppliers, separate Purchase Orders are created for each supplier. If they are not all required at the same time, you can select which supplier orders are to be produced and leave the remainder for a later date. 
The production of POs can also be controlled by an authorisation process in the same way as for Quotes. 
When a PO is produced the stock figures for the items will be updated to show that there are items on order, and when the products are delivered (either to your premises or direct to a customer) the delivery is logged and the stock figures updated. 
When items are taken from stock and delivered to a customer the stock level is reduced. Dispatch notes can be produced to include with the items. 
A series of System Views will provide details of stock levels, re-order levels, items on order etc. 
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