Sales Quote Add-on product database for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Our sales quoting add-on tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows sales people to quickly create, print and email professional looking quotes without leaving Dynamics CRM. One of the key benefits of the quote tool add-on is that it is based on a simplified product database.  
To use the Microsoft standard product you will need to navigate your way around the complexities of Unit Groups, then Products, Price Lists and optionally Discount Lists. The product structure also includes Product Families, Product Bundles and (individual) Products. This problem is exasperated if the product database is large and fast changing, users such as resellers, distributors and manufacturers may have many thousands of products from many suppliers, managing this in the standard product catalogue structure is hugely time consuming. 
Viewing, sorting and reporting on quote line detail is impossible in the standard tool. With our quote tool this is very easy using the standard capabilities in Dynamics CRM e.g. views, reports, charts, dashboards. This allows sales maangers and product managers to analyse buying trends, stock levels vs number of products in quote, WIN LOSS reports by category and product can all be done in our tool, this is very difficult in the standard tool. 
The quote addon for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is internal to Dynamics 365, it is not an external tool. The solution provides a quoting environment entirely within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our quotes link directly to standard Opportunity, Contract entities in CRM.  
Quote add-on to for Microsoft CRM based on an easy to use product catalogue 
Quote addon tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics 365 Quote Solution product database features 

The product database is easily searched and filtered 
Sales have access to stock availablility, incoming stock levels, quote price request, average quoted prices 
Product database that can be quickly modified and updated using Excel- no complex product structure 
Multiple price lists, multi currency supported 
Product Managers can analyse the data and respond to pricing requests 
QM Quote Manager Images 
Quote tool addon for Microsoft Dynamics 365