View Filter and Restrict Excel Export (vFREE) Plugin for Dynamics 365 

Dynamics CRM System Views Filter 
In Microsoft Dynamics 365, System Views cannot be filtered or restricted so that only certain people can see them. As an example, you may have different views for Accounts based on their regions - Accounts (Midlands), for instance and only want employees in that team to see that view. If it is a System View, then everyone can see it, regardless of their role, and it cannot be filtered. 
Of course, you can create a Personal View and share it with everyone in the team, but this is not a centralised solution and that shared view cannot be deleted or changed if the original creator leaves the company. 
With this plugin, you can add filters to System Views for different entities and for different teams. That means that you can restrict your "Midlands" team to only see the System Views that are relevant to the Midlands Accounts, etc. 
Restrict Excel Export 
Microsoft Dynamics also does not offer the option to restrict users from exporting data to Excel on a per entity level. Out of the box, it only allows users with a certain security role the ability to export data from any entity, or from no entities. There may be times, however, when you would like your users to be able to export some data (internal product statistics, etc) , but not others (sensitive GDPR information and Contact information, etc). Currently, this is not possible with Dynamics. 
This plugin, therefore, also allows the ability for teams to be restricted from exporting data from specified entities into an Excel spreadhseet. 
Video Demo 
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