Searches and Filters applied to Views work on a "begins with" basis. To change a search to a "contains" search you can use the * as a wild character. 
Using the * in Filters works in the same way - but has particular importance if you need to filter by postcode. 
One of the problems with postcode filters is that it is not obvious how to search for a “begins with” postcode if it could also be part of a longer postcode. 
For example, how to find those that “begin with NN1” without getting NN11, NN12, NN13 etc. 
On our training database a filter for “begins with NN1” gives the following result: 
However, using the CRM Dynamics wild character * enables you to search for what you want. You need to search for “NN1 space then anything else” – or in a filter Begins with NN1 * 
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