Hints and Tips about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related products. 
This is information is provided for general guidance only. Some features and functions may not be available to you depending on your user security role, system configuration or licence type. 
Always ensure you have a backup available when making changes to the system and if in any doubt ask your internal support or CRM Dynamics for assistance. 
These FAQ's generally are quick overviews - if you would like more detail or need some support/guidance please give us a call on 01908 929555. You will also find that most of these examples are taken from our training courses. 

Posts tagged “Dashboards”

The dashboards in Dynamics CRM / 365 provide a fantastic overview for users, but frustratingly double clicking on a graphical element does not drill down but instead provides a somewhat unhelpful "Select field" dialogue. 
When you create a new dashboard you start by selecting one of a choice of (currently seven) standard layouts. 
Although these give a variety of designs, you may still want to make minor changes to suit your specific needs. 
Hidden options that easily get missed are the options to increase and decrease the height and width of any component within the dashboard. 
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