Our products significantly improve the usability and functionality of the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

We also develop bespoke plug-ins for your projects.

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Qualification Matrix
  • Products Database
  • Quote Generation
  • Configurations
  • Quote Presentation & Distribution
  • Microsoft Dynamics Synchronisation
  • Sales & Purchasing transactions
  • Bills & Invoices
  • Book time to projects on timesheets
  • Allows users to manage expense claims by project
  • User can be held in the system as user or contact
  • Generate time and materials invoices
  • Visualise any entity records on a map
  • Automatically geo codes records
  • Add Leads / Contacts to marketing lists
  • Zoom in & out
  • High-level timeline of bookings for resources such as rooms or equipment
  • Allows for a simple visual representation of your organisation’s commitments.
  • Power App for Expenses and Timesheets

Workflow Utility

A collection of workflow tools that allow functions such as:

  • Aggregation of data from child records
  • Triggering a workflow to run on a selected child record
  • Extracting record GUIDs (Global Unique Identifiers)
  • Regular expression extraction and match

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