Map Tool App

Mapping your data for business insight

CRM Dynamics’ Map Tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to enhance your data with location-based services.

Geocode address fields within your records and see their locations on a map. Clicking on a record will open up a summary of that record and allow you to jump straight to it. With our Map Tool, you can get an at-a-glance look at the number of records in certain regions or within a specific radius and even colour-code different views to get a comparison.


Select records in bulk from the map and add to marketing lists, additional features are easily added.

Visualise Record Locations


Using address fields and geocoding data, see any of your records on a map and colour code different ‘views’ with pins to get an immediate picture of where your data is based.

Personalise Call Objectives


Construct a list of different call objectives that are relevant to your business, enabling you keep track and report on the different types of calls that are being made.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

Personalise Call Outcomes


Construct a list of different possible outcomes for your calls that are relevant to your business. Choose which outcomes align with which objectives, and what you want to happen to a call after a specific outcome.

Accurate Reporting


See useful dashboards and graphs with accurate data for phone calls made, by who, the call direction or outcome, etc, enabling you to make judgments on business strategies.

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