The best ways to reuse your quotes in Dynamics 365

The best ways to reuse your quotes in Dynamics 365


Quote Revision 

Quote revisions should be used when the quote is for the same customer/prospect where the existing quote requires minor modifications e.g. add or delete a product or change one or more of the quote line details. If there are major changes required or, if the quote relates to a different sales cycle then it’s probably best to generate a new quote.

The revision process will deactivate the previous version of the quote and present the user with the newly revised quote with the same Quote Number but with a new revision number (see image).

Don’t forget that the quote you send to your prospects represent a sales offer with a validity period of say 30, 60, 90 days, so it makes sense to adopt the revision process to ensure you keep track of your offer history.

Quote Cloning 

The Quote Cloning process will also copy all the details of the quote but assumes that this quote is for a different prospect, this can be particularly useful for distributors and resellers who need to supply the same quote information to multiple prospects.

Some quotes can take a long time to generate. Use the cloning process where you wish to supply the same or similar items to a different customer. The new quote will open up with a new quote number, the Account and Contact fields are cleared and ready to add the new customer details.

Quote Templates 

Quote Manager allows users or product managers to create Quote templates. These are quotes that have been saved as Templates and can be imported into Quote Manager pricing matrix ready for further modification. Multiple templates can be added into one quote.

Quote Templates suits manufacturers or resellers that sell major main products e.g. scientific and technical equipment, manufacturing equipment. This type of main product can have many related products addons, configurable items and recommendations. They can also be supplied with services, software, consumables and ongoing support.

This level of product complexity suits the use of Quote Templates, each main unit is configured and saved as a template. When the user wants to configure one of these items they simply import a pre-created template and modify from there.

Quote Manager from CRM Dynamics Limited is a powerful quoting module for Dynamics 365. It is available as a standalone quote solution as a PowerApp. It also works with our other PowerApps for Orders, Purchasing and Stock Management.


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