How to Easily Add Custom Fonts in ClickDimensions

How to easily add Custom Font in ClickDimensions
How to easily add Custom Font in ClickDimensions

How to Easily Add Custom Fonts in ClickDimensions

With the new ClickDimensions version 10.5, custom fonts can be added to email templates. Custom fonts can improve the appearance of your emails, create and sustain brand image and increase the click rate of emails.

This article will show you how to easily add custom fonts to your emails in the newest version of ClickDimensions (version 10.5 – read more).


How to Find Custom Fonts to Use in ClickDimensions

There are many places to find great free web fonts such as Google FontsTypekit and fonts.com. In this article we will show you how to use Google Fonts in ClickDimensions.

#1 Open Google Fonts and choose your favourite font 

Go to Google Fonts and choose your favourite font . In the example below you can see that we have chosen “Montserrat”.

#2 Import the URL

In the top right corner (next to the Pixel bar) you’ll see two different tab: “Review” and “Embed”.  Click on the tab “Embed” and go to “@import”.

Once here you’ll get your URL (that you need to copy and paste inside the <Add CSS font URL in your ClickDimensions email template).


#3 Go back to your ClickDimensions template and go to “Global Style”

Next step is to come back to your ClickDimensions  email template. The right-hand sidebar of your email template contains two tabs: “Elements” and “Global Style”. Click on the “Global Style” tab to manage the Typography settings.

#4 In “Global Style” you will find a section called “Typography”.

The Global Style tab contains general styling options for the template as a whole. Using the New Drag and Drop Editor Template (version 10.5) you’ll see that you can add custom fonts as well.

#5 Now paste the URL In Add CSS font URL and give your font a preview name

Once you have clicked on the “Add Custom Fonts” button, you’ll see the box below. In this panel, you’ll need to paste the URL you copied previously into Google fonts. 

#6 You can now use your custom font in your ClickDimensions email

So, there you have it. Now you can start to customise your ClickDimensions email.

We recommend to test the email prior to sending it to ensure it displays as you want it to for your email client. One way is to use the Inbox Preview feature that will help you test any email and see what it will look like in a variety of email clients including Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Gmail and more.

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