Quote Manager CPQ

Generate professional quotes, quicker than other CPQ’s.

#1 rated for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Authorisation process

Approve deal in Outlook! Tailor your Authorisation process using standard Power Automate.

Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

Connect your Quote with Teams

Collaboration with your client using standard Dynamics Teams chat. Share files and chat in real time.

Real-Time notifications

Set up standard Dynamics 365 workflow to notify if client viewed or signed!


All data and access is controlled by Standard Microsoft security features

Standard Dynamics Security


Use standard Dynamics and Power BI for reporting. All data is in Dynamics.

Revenue Hub

Our Revenue Hub empowers leaders to connect their teams and processes, execute deals, and create predictable pipeline more effectively than ever before.

We centralizes buyer communications from opportunity to renewal, and connects everything you need to close the deal.