Document e-Signature solution
for Microsoft Dynamics 365


SignD365 is a document signature solution designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The signature can be configured to work with any of Dynamics Entities such as Quotes and Orders or any Bespoke entities.


The solution can also be attached to use Documents Core Pack, Flow (Power Automate) or can be used manually to send the PDF for Document Signature.


The solution comes with a solution to be uploaded into your Dynamics 365 instance and instructions on how to set it up.

Why use SignD365 for Microsoft Dynamics?

It's 100% Dynamics

It conforms to our design philosophy of working with standard Dynamics 365 features. So you can design your own e Signature workflows.

It's Secure

Signatures are securely attached to the PDF document. Audit tail shows user details, IP Address, Viewed on and Signed on Activities recorded into Dynamics.

It's Compatible

Document eSignature works with Documents Core Pack from MSCRM. It works with any word based output solution e.g Dynamics standard Word Templates.

Out of The Box

Out of the box the system can send documents via contacts, quotes and orders. But SignD365 can be configured to be used across any entity.

Secure PDF

Signed PDF document attached securely into Dynamics 365.

You can then store this in SharePoint.

It's Configurable

Can be configured to work with standard Dynamics workflows and power automate.

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