Stock and Purchasing

Stock & Purchasing

Stock & Purchasing Manager works alongside Order Manager to control the manufacturing build process. 


Products have a Bill of Materials, the stock level management systems inform purchasing of sourcing requirements. Purchase orders and deliveries are managed within the system.  

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Why use Stock & Purchasing for Microsoft D365 CE? 


Bill of


roducts in our standard Product databases can be identified as items to be quoted for saleor as parts. 


Products for sales 

can be broken down into a bill of Material with the relevant parts and subassemblies. 


The build process informs the factory of the parts

to pick and the stock levels are managed accordingly. 


Manages the build process 

Order Manager works with the Stock and Purchasing Module to 
initiate the build process.  


The system makes build decisions based on the stock situation if there are no finished goods then a build order is created. 


Users can see the items to be picked and their stock location.

Order manager is informed when the stock is available for despatch. 





The sales, manufacturing, dispatch and purchasing processes inform the system of stock movements in and out of the factory. 


Full transaction history of stock movements is always maintained.


Stock can be located in multiple stock locations and warehouses. 


Users can manually add stock movements due to multiple factors. 




The purchasing process
can be controlled by target stock levels, 
lead times and historical sales levels. 


Purchase orders can be generated automatically or manually. 


Deliveries work with the purchases orders and manage short shipments and damaged goods with returns.  



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CRM Dynamics

Quote to Cash Solution

Quote Manager


Our Quote Manager CPQ allows sales to search and add product, manipulate the quote output to meet the needs of the customer. 


The product database is held in Dynamics and allows for one excel sheet export and import to manage additions and changes and invoicing financial transactions.




Our Order Manager solution works with the Quote Manager CPQ and allows users to manage the complexities of Customer Orders. 


Also included in this module is 

billing /recurring revenue, sales tax

and invoicing financial transactions.

Stock And Purchasing 


Our Stock and Purchasing module works with Order Manager to give you greater insight into stock & purchasing information 


Users can make better decisions

 to speed up customer deliveries and reduce stock levels.



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