XERO Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

Send standard Dynamics Invoices to XERO from Dynamics

XERO Connector works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to synchronise sales and purchasing transactions into XERO.

Data is synchronised back into Dynamics such as payment statuses, amounts credited and we can even add the PayNow link from XERO into Dynamics so that Invoices sent from Dynamics will come with the Paynow link.

Purchasing can also be integrated from this solution with Dynamics Field Service

Save Time & Cost with Xero Connector

No extra admin work

No XERO errors

No typing data twice

XERO connector

Bring all of the Sales and Purchasing data into XERO from Dynamics

XERO connector mimics the way that XERO works

A standard Dynamics Invoice can either be an Invoice or a Bill which is the same in XERO

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View your payment details within the Invoices in Dynamics 365

CRM Dynamics

Have A Look At Our CPQ Solutions

Quote Manager


Our Quote Manager CPQ allows sales to search and add product, manipulate the quote output to meet the needs of the customer. 


The product database is held in Dynamics and allows for one excel sheet export and import to manage additions and changes and invoicing financial transactions.




Our Order Manager solution works with the Quote Manager CPQ and allows users to manage the complexities of Customer Orders. 


Also included in this module is 

billing /recurring revenue, sales tax

and invoicing financial transactions.

Stock And Purchasing 


Our Stock and Purchasing module works with Order Manager to give you greater insight into stock & purchasing information 


Users can make better decisions

 to speed up customer deliveries and reduce stock levels.

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