Standard Dynamics Quote vs Quote Manager CPQ vs Quotewerks

Standard Dynamics Quote vs Quote Manager CPQ vs Quotewerks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an ideal platform to support pipeline management, and customer-centric interactions including quoting and order management.

There are a number of 3rd party addons for Quoting with Dynamics 365 including CRM Dynamics Ltd's Quote Manager CPQ.

In this blog we compare our own solution to 2 other options:

The out-of-the-box capability is provided by Microsoft.

A leading quote tool specialist QuoteWerks.

Standard Dynamics Quote vs Quote Manager CPQ vs Quotewerks





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Different Approaches to the Quote to Cash process in Microsoft Dynamics CE

CRM Dynamics have a family of quote-to-cash modules that work natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. These are Quote Manager, Order Manager, Stock & Purchasing, Project Billing, XERO Connector.  Quote Manager CPQ Order Manager Stock & Purchasing Lease Calculator Scheduling Tool Project Billing tool Workflow…

Partnership: Technomade (France company) | Quote Manager CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Technomade and CRM Dynamics Ltd. announce new strategic partnership to offer new CPQ solution in France. Technomade, a long-standing Microsoft partner for CRM Dynamics 365, is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with CRM Dynamics Ltd. a UK company specializing in “quote to cash” solutions. This partnership makes Technomade CRM Dynamics Ltd.’s reference partner in France for the distribution of its Quote Manager for Dynamics 365 solution.