Support Terms and Conditions

Where the contract includes support blocks these are prepaid blocks of time, each unit quantity equals 7.5 hours. Time is decremented from the support block in 15 minute increments. Time can be used for customisation, development, telephone advice, licence management, attendance at meetings, webinars, administration. Development work under the support block will be charged by 1.5 times. Support block of 5 days or more will be subject to our SLA framework.


The period for which a support block is valid is dependent on the number of support days purchased, see the table below.  A support block may expire before all the time has been used.


Support days purchased

Support block expires after:

1 to 3 days

6 months

4 to 5 days

12 months

6 days plus

18 months


If clients  requests the services outside of the standard work hours 9am to 5pm (UK), then premium support rates will be applied to the standard rates. This needs to be scheduled and agreed in advance. 

  • 1.5 times for work between 8am and 9am or 5pm until 7pm Monday to Friday. 
  • 2.5 time for work at any other time Monday – Friday. 
  • Bank Holidays 2.5 times normal hours only. 


Service Levels & Incident Priority 

Service levels apply to valid support blocks of 5 days or more. 

Once the call is logged into CRM Dynamics Ltd support system the task will be assessed for its impact priority and likely time to fix, the definitions can be seen in the table below.  

Priorities allocated to incidents and the related target time to fix can be seen below:- 



Initial Response* 

Target Fix Time 


Severe impact to all users using the system  

1 Hr 



Making usage difficult for a few users of the system  

2 Hrs 



Minor impact on 1 or 2 users or simple change request  

6 HRS 

2 Business Days 


Complex change request and / or development work required. 

Not applicable, outside of SLA 

Not Applicable, outside of SLA 


The SLA is based on working hours are defined as being between 9am and 5pm (UK)  on week days excluding public holidays in England.