The Marketing Triathlon

Marketing Triathlon
Marketing Triathlon

The Marketing Triathlon

Are you ready?
As the Olympics are well underway, this blog takes on a sporting theme.

Looking at the key components of a good marketing campaign, there are some similarities with the traditional Olympic Triathlon which consists of a swim, cycle and run. These can be of different lengths depending on the specific competition that you are entering.

Just like an Olympic triathlon, the marketing triangle needs to be done in the right order.

In all cases, all three components have to be completed in the right order. To succeed you have to be good at all three, there is no point in taking part if you are a marathon runner but can’t swim.
But how on earth does this relate to marketing?

Well, there are three components to a successful marketing campaign.

Jonathon Jay (CEO and Founder of NABO) referred to this as the Marketing Triangle – Market, Message, Media. All three need to be carefully thought out, planned and used in the right order. Many people and businesses think “I’ll run an advert in xyz“, write the message and then often put very little thought into the market.
Let’s take a more detailed look at each side of the triangle:

  • Market

Clearly define your market. With so many marketing messages trying to reach us every minute of every day we have rapidly developed our own techniques of filtering out those that don’t interest us at that precise moment very quickly. How often do you go down your email inbox simply pressing the delete key, skip ad’s on TV, put “junk mail” straight in the bin? We all do it. The more clearly you define your market, the more likely you are going to be able to produce a message that is applicable to them.

  • Message

Once you have your market, you need to carefully craft your message. What do you want to say, what do you want the recipient to do? There is no point in having defined your market and a great message without including a “call to action” – make it clear what you want the recipient to do next.

  • Media
How and where are you going to use you marketing message? This also ties back to your market – you need to be marketing where your prospects are shopping. Online, social media, printed adverts, emails – and possibly it will be a combination of several methods.
So are you ready for your Triathlon?

One key aspect of being able to plan and monitor your marketing campaigns and the results is by implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. Set up correctly and with staff trained in how to use it to suit YOUR business, this becomes the critical resource in your campaigns.

First use the data to segment your Market. You may do this by industry, geographic area, size of business or some other category of your choice. You will probably want to split the data between prospects and customers. Customers may be segmented by what they purchased or when. The greater the precision with which you segment the data the more closely you can target the Message to the right audience. Make sure the Message includes a way of tracking the responses. This may be simple if you are only using one Message and one Media, but often multiple campaigns are taking place at the same time. Use codes, tracking phone numbers etc., for email marketing make sure you use a proper e-marketing system such as ClickDimensions which allows you to monitor who opens your email, clicks on links etc. You may have specific landing pages for different campaigns to go to.

To be able to make the best use of the results you get from the campaign, it should be able to feed the details back into the CRM database. ClickDimensions is integrated directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Having this information easily available can help you when you start your next marketing triathlon by giving you even more information to use to better segment your market next time.