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Our Story

CRM Dynamics Ltd is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner based in Milton Keynes. It is a full-service consulting firm for Dynamics 365 and Marketing Automation Solutions. It is specialised in sales and marketing improvement, business intelligence, business process management, field services, and project service automation.

Our CEO, Tony Bridgeman, formed it in 2013. He believes passionately that by applying Dynamics 365, companies both large and small can significantly improve business efficiency and innovation.

Our Approach

Our extensive knowledge of CRM systems allows us to work collaboratively, customising Dynamics 365 to meet your precise business needs. Typically, our approach is based on building a shared vision for CRM based upon prototyping. This allows us to build solutions quickly, stakeholders can then visualise how the system will work for the whole business. We focus both on the functionality of the system and as importantly, the usability. We have helped more than 100 companies achieve their business goals. By following what we teach, Dynamics Consultants Group has experienced exponential growth year over year since 2013.

Our Mission & Vision

We work with small and large enterprise companies to help them fully explore the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We build consensus through visionary leadership and build systems that help our customers win new business, engage more intelligently, retain, and grow relationships.

Our Core Values

We strive to make our office a collaborative environment, where everyone works together to come up with solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

We work hard to make life at CRM Dynamics Ltd challenging, rewarding, and fun for all of us.

Our Company culture is something we prioritise because without it, we would not be who we are and growing as fast as we have in the last year.


Honesty and integrity is the cornerstone of trust, we strive to create a trusting environment where employees feel valued, supported and encouraged.


Our clients enjoy the innovation we bring to their business problems, our employees are empowered to think outside the box and are allowed the flexibility to try different things.

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Passion for Learning

We work in a fast-changing technological environment, our employees are given the space and resources to learn new skills and to grow as people.

Team Player

It takes different types of personalities and skills to be able to solve complex problems and use innovative methods to help our clients. We employ people with a wide variety of backgrounds, each one brings something different.

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