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Quote Manager CPQ is a powerful add-on completely native within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows your sales team to create and send professional branded quotes from Dynamics 365 in few minutes.


Quote Manager CPQ is the only Quote/CPQ system 100% dedicated to Dynamics 365 – all the setup, configuration and data is held in Dynamics.


Quote Manager can be customised using standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 features such as business rules, business processes, security, charts, views, and workflows.

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CASE STUDY | Green LED Lighting Solutions

GLLS (Green LED Lighting Solutions) is a US-headquartered company that provides energy-efficient, environmentally conscious LED lighting solutions. Its flagship products, LED Neon Flex, mimic the appearance of traditional neon fixtures and the company also supplies LED Light Panels and Light Boxes for retail and residential use. GLLS has been in the lighting industry for over 10 years and has many notable clients, including the Oscars, Sephora, Disney and Microsoft.

“Last month, for example, we did 277 quotes, which was excellent, that’s a 300% increase over the results we were getting from using the previous tool.”

Quote Generation

Search across 10,000+ products. Sort and filter by category, make, supplier, and product description. Add products to the quote, customise the layout with comments and sub-totals, edit descriptions, add discounts and revise costs.


Quote Presentation

The quote layout capability allows you to present your quotes they way you want it to be. Use standard word templates or a wealth of third party tools. Attach PDFs and send emails or notes, and intgerate with SharePoint.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

Product Database

Our product database is held within CRM, products can be added in one simple excel import. Images, guidance, pricing information can all be viewed in the quoting grid. Searching across 10,000 + records in a second, filter by categories, makes, suppliers.



Bundles can be added to the product database and users can select them in their quotes. Prices can be configured for the bundle or the sum of the associated items.



Sales are guided using configurable products that can be added to bundles. Guidance can be added each product. Option products can also be added to a bundle with multi-select capability.


Sales Order Processing

Our sales order processing option allows quotes to be converted to orders and invoices. Orders can be split and purchase orders raised. Our stock control system manages stock, stock on order and stock in quotes.

Benefits Of Our Solution


Sales People

  • Quick and easy quote creation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 – no other tools to learn.
  • Quotes can be cloned.
  • Search and filter by product code, category or price.
  • Quoting is guided by the system with product bundles, configurations and options.
  • Discounts can be applied at product line or across the whole quote.
  • Quotes can be logically laid out and sent to the customer automatically.
  • Standard CRM views, charts, dashboards and workflows can help to view tasks & performance.

Sales Managers

  • Can provide metrics relating to individual sales performance e.g. no of quotes, quotes won vs quotes lost.
  • Real-time sales dashboard with individual and team performance.
  • Quote follow-up can be automated & managed via standard CRM views.
  • Quote versioning, up-to-date pricing, stock visibility ensures commercial integrity is maintained.
  • All sent quotes are automatically sent into Dynamics to give full audit trails.
  • Quote discount rules can be applied and authorised by managers.

Product Managers

  • Real-time quote performance data is available.
  • Products can be configured.
  • Bundles and configuration can be added.
  • Product options can be added, upsell, cross sell options.
  • Stock levels to quoted product thresholds can trigger alerts.
  • Security roles control who can update and add product data.
  • Price Changes are logged in an audit trail.
  • Importing and updating the product database is easy with a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Differential pricing available.


  • Integration with our purchase order system (see more details below).
  • Items can be divided up by supplier and sent automatically for reordering.
  • Purchasing data can be visualised in dashboards and automated alerts and emails can streamline the process.
  • Security roles control who can update and add product data – a full audit trail of data changes can be applied to the product catalogue.
  • Stock management information allows the automation of replenishment.

Purchase Order Management And Stock Control Solution

This solution works with our CPQ/Quoting Solution and provides a sales order processing solution

Quotes > Orders > Invoices.


Our order system allows for multiple orders to be generated from one won quote, this is needed if there is a shortage of stock or if delivery needs to be scheduled over time.

We soon will have Purchase Orders > Delivery Notes > Packing Lists > Stock Management.

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