Project Delivery

Project Delivery


ClickDimensions projects are varied and require a detailed understanding of both Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions. We assign ClickDimensions certified staff to worked with alongside our clients marketing teams to build a clear vision and KPIs for projects.

Our close working relationship allows for the cross training of skills so that the client becomes more self-sufficient over time. Project scope can be wide and varied but include elements such as: –


  • ClickDimensions Initial Set up services
  • Building and integrating Website forms into ClickDimensions
  • Designing and sending Surveys
  • Setting up GDPR processes working with ClickDimensions
  • Segmentation and profiling data in Dynamics 365
  • Social Media in ClickDimensions
  • Managing complex subscription management models
  • Building Automations and whole nurture programs
  • Data Migration, Date Supplementation and Data Cleansing
  • Project management and training

Financial Services 


Building eMarketing nurturing services to attract new customers and to cross sell and up sell.  

Government Departments


Planning and managing large programs of content e-marketing and social campaigns, event management.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

IT / Telecoms  


Join marketing to inside sales teams. Calls are generated in real time driven by various eMarketing events: website visits, contact us forms or email clicks.

Health Sector 


Informing  and engaging with local populations with specific health conditionto better inform them.

Government Stakeholder survey


Design and creation of surveys, analysis and segmentation of Dynamics 365 data to produce target marketing lists. Dashboard for survey response analysis.

Custom Reporting 


We work with clients to build insight into the ClickDimensions data using charts, dashboards and PowerBI. 

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