ClickDimensions Training

ClickDimensions Training 

As certified ClickDimensions consultants we are able to offer a range of training services. They range from a set of predefined training courses that not only cover ClickDimensions training but also Dynamics 365 training.


Our training is made up of a number of modules that we build into an event that suits the specific needs of the organisation.
Training can be on site or via webinar. Training can also be followed up with remote coaching and support sessions.


Where possible, we build the training around the delivery of your specific Marketing Campaigns.


Check out our Marketing Training Courses below:

ClickDimensions Foundation Training 


This course is designed to give new users practical experience in using ClickDimensions on their own system. During the day you will build a live email marketing campaign

ClickDimensions Advanced Training 


The course is designed to build on the ClickDimensions Foundation Course for the staff responsible for running email marketing campaigns.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

ClickDimensions Vision Workshop

For organisations starting with ClickDimensions or as a refresher to people who may have had ClickDimensions for a while, this workshop will help companies to explore how they can use ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 to support their business. This is also a practical workshop.

Bespoke Training  


We also build specific training to your needs for more advanced topicssuch as Campaign Automation, Surveys, Complex lead scoring etc.