Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Build apps within a matter of hours.

With Power Apps, you can build apps within a matter of hours, not months! Easy design features like templates, a canvas editor, and drag and drop, mean the user experience can be tailored for specific roles.

Apps can be used to support mobile workers on mobile phones or tablets and connect to your Dynamics 365 system, and even add intuitive AI features, plus with the ability to publish on the web, iOS, Android and Windows 10, they can be accessed from anywhere – not just inside your organisation.


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Build apps quickly


Easily build apps without code and overcome business problems with intuitive visual tools.

Take your operations on the go


Publish your apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and the web, meaning your employees or clients can access them for anywhere.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

Automate business processes


Build flows and automate business processes and logic and connect to over 200 data sources.

Enhance your apps with AI


Apply AI to tasks such as form processing, prediction, object detection, and text classification with a simple, intuitive interface.

PowerApp Add-Ons


Our sales add-ons improve standard sales functionality, ask us for a demonstration and free trial.

Dynamics 365 On The Move

We have some simple Apps you can use straight away – Accounts, Contacts, and Credentials are fine-tuned for use on a mobile phone.

Project Expenses App

Our expenses app allows you to upload expense information to Dynamics 365 and attach receipts as notes.

Timesheet App Dynamics 365

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Bespoke App Development

If you think of an app for Dynamics 365 , give us a call and we will happily discuss your needs and give you a quote to help make it a reality.

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