Customer Engagement Manager App

Customer Engagement Manager Add-on

Plan, create & records activities

Manage conversations with your customers in a more in-depth and useful way than standard out-of-the-box Dynamics functionality allows.

Create valid Contact Reasons for your customers and link to a set of custom Call Objectives and Outcomes. Notes from each call are saved along with the outcome and users can set a next call date and a next objective so they know exactly when next to call and the context.


This allows you to see the journey of a conversation over time and fine tune your strategy to ensure the customer gets the best experience when you speak to them.

Generate Contact Reasons


Reasons for contact can be generated automatically via workflow or processes such as a new lead, or just a scheduled “Keep in Touch” date, giving your sales team a clear list of motivated customers to call and when best to call them.

Personalise Call Objectives


Construct a list of different call objectives that are relevant to your business, enabling you keep track and report on the different types of calls that are being made.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

Personalise Call Outcomes


Construct a list of different possible outcomes for your calls that are relevant to your business. Choose which outcomes align with which objectives, and what you want to happen to a call after a specific outcome.

Accurate Reporting


See useful dashboards and graphs with accurate data for phone calls made, by who, the call direction or outcome, etc, enabling you to make judgments on business strategies.

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