Quote Manager CPQ

Generate professional quotes, quicker than other CPQ’s.

#1 rated for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve sales efficiency

Create Quotes in a third of the time whilst reducing costly mistakes

Sales use CRM when
Quoting is Simple

Powered by Microsoft Security & Standard features.

Quote Manager CPQ installs as a standard Dynamics Solution. No data leaves Dynamics.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Dynamics Business Central, SharePoint, Power Automate, Azzure, Outlook, Exchange


Quote Manager comes with its own APP so you can use the system with a standard Power App per App plan which is very cost effective or use any of the Dynamics Sales Licences.

Yes, Quote Manager support major European languages and asian character languages. The system uses the standard language capability of Dynamics 365.

Quote Manager comes with cost fields at the product and price list level. So, margin can be calculated. The Margin can also be passed up to the Opportunity.

Yes, you can add on our document signature solution onto the Quote Manager

Quote Manager has the concept of term and can calculate margin and revenue across the whole term of the deal. You can choose to present the Quote with these figures or not.

Sales teams can easily see the total value across a two year or three year term for example.

We also have an addon that allows monthly / quarterly/ annual billed items to generate invoices.

Quote Manager can be used without an opportunity, this is especially good for those transactional deals that can represent 50-80% of all the quotes. When a Quote is WON or LOST it can autogenerate an Opportunity and Close as WON or LOST so that your forecasting and WIN / Loss ratios are maintained.

CPQ means Configure Price Quote – without getting too detailed it provides for a flexible and configurable environment to handle the complexities surround building a quote. This can include managing complex calculation rules, discount rules, price lists, margin calculations. It also helps sales to cross sell and upsell.

Yes, we have an API capability that can communicate with any ERP system to retrieve the correct sales prices.

As Quote Manager is standard Dynamics it can be configured for approvals using standard Dynamics and power platform tool. If its simple e.g. if margin is less than 25% a manager needs to approve then a simple workflow and field level security will suffice. If there are different technical, financial and commercial sign off with different levels of approval then this can be managed using Power Automate. We can advise you or implement the level of approval you require.