Different Approaches to the Quote to Cash process in Microsoft Dynamics CE

Different Approaches to the Quote to Cash process in Microsoft Dynamics CE_thumbnail-min (1)
Different Approaches to the Quote to Cash process in Microsoft Dynamics CE_thumbnail-min (1)

Different Approaches to the Quote to Cash process in Microsoft Dynamics CE

CRM Dynamics have a family of quote-to-cash modules that work natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. These are Quote Manager, Order Manager, Stock & Purchasing, Project Billing, XERO Connector. Our solutions provide far more functionality than the standard Microsoft Capability.

Organisations can manage the whole quote-to-cash process including, quoting, order management, purchasing, stock, goods receipting, despatching, invoicing import into finance systems. It can be like a mini ERP system built in CE.

Take as much or as little as you need. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 

Not all organisation need to implement all the module, it will depend on your needs, this can vary based on the products and services that you sell, your process and whether you already have a complex ERP system or, just a finance system such as XERO, QuickBooks or Sage Line 50.

🌟 Here are some ideas of how it can work for you 🌟

If you just want to use Quote Manager in CE . So its Quotes > ERP ( existing ERP system can then fulfil the rest of the processes). Our Quoting Capability is second to non, take a look at our Quoting Video here. When Quoting is this good, it makes sales people use CRM! 🤩 Hooray 🥳

This approach suits a manufacturer or a distributor for instance. Products can be synchronised between the CE & ERP. You can also use our API to get specific client discounts & stock from your ERP system on the fly or just synchronise discounts into CE. Once the quote is WON, you can send through the order lines into your ERP system.

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Some companies use Quotes > Orders > ERP. This is useful if you wish to control when an order gets sent to ERP from the sales admin team. Our Order Manage product can split a quote into multiple orders.

Quote > Orders > Invoice The orders can generate invoice in Dynamics CE. They can be sent by users of CE and then synchronised with your finance system. This can be good for project / service-based companies where there is always a lot of discussion between the project teams and finance. This approach makes it the Project teams roll to send out invoices, the finance team get sent the invoice data once this is done.

The product database and Account records stores Tax and Nominal codes. This ensures that all the invoice lines be uploaded without any double typing of data. Saves time and reduces errors!

Quote > Orders > Project Billing > Invoice (suitable if you run projects and need to tracking project expenses, and invoice client for time and materials contract and expenses)

Quote > Orders > Recurring Revenue (useful if you sell monthly, quarterly, annual software or services) This is good for organisation such as MSP / IT resellers. Invoices can be created each monthly in bulk for all the recurring revenue.

Document Generation Throughout the whole end to end process you can create and send various document as PDF’s and also get them signed ✅

Here are some obvious document types. Quote Templates > Order Acknowledgement> Delivery Notes > Purchase Orders > Invoices

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