Real Time Lead Generation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Real Time Lead Generation
Real Time Lead Generation

Real Time Lead Generation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Real-Time Lead Generation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Managing prospects and interest in Real-Time

eMarketing techniques such as email campaigns are used to raise awareness and nurture prospects until they declare their interest by filling in a website form or as an inbound telephone call. However, not many prospects do this.

More subtle declarations of interest can be gleaned from analysis of the prospect's behaviour; this is identified from a combination of email opens, email URL clicks, website visits and website page dwell time. The whole end-to-end visit can be scored in real-time, and visits that reach a high score can be passed to 'sales' in real-time.


To implement this real-time strategy requires an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365.


Prospects can largely self-service themselves with information via the internet. They choose only to engage with sales once they have completed their initial investigation. Cold calling is not a strategy that works very effectively anymore, it could also be counterproductive, giving the recipient a negative brand experience.
This leaves businesses struggling to devise new marketing approaches to inform and nurture prospects so that their products and services are considered in this initial information gathering stage.
To combat this problem, new digital strategies have been adopted. Website advertising, email marketing, website tracking, website analytics, website forms, landing pages and online survey tools can all be used. Over time, marketers have realised that the most successful results come from targeted messages that match the prospect's interests and needs and are appropriate to the specific stage in their purchasing process.
However, these tools can generate a huge volume of data. Transferring this data can be very time-consuming and can take days to get the data into a database before they can start analysing it. The whole process lacks the immediacy that a sales team needs to develop rapport and to maintain interest.
Microsoft Dynamics, working with ClickDimensions, does all of this automatically!
ClickDimensions contains all of the key emarketing tool used by marketers, the data is stored real-time in Dynamics 365. Prospects’ interactions can be scored with pre-created scoring structures, workflows can be triggered when visit scores meet a certain score threshold.
The prospect’s contact details, including the campaign details, can then be sent via email (or go to the top of calling lists) so that prospects can be engaged immediately.
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