Social Selling vs Cold Calling

Social selling vs Cold calling
Social selling vs Cold calling

Social Selling vs Cold Calling

How have times changed for the Salesperson?


How many hours do we spend, on average, using social media every day?

According to data from 'We Are Social' released in Jan 2016, we spent an average of 1 hr 29 minutes using social media across all devices – with the overall time spent online at around 2 hrs 51 minutes per day. The split across the age ranges is fairly similar so using the excuse that it is "just for youngsters” simply doesn’t add up. (Source: www.clickly.co.uk – UK Social Media Stats).


The increased use by business people and businesses of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have had a significant impact on the decision-making process.

Traditional Cold Calling is losing its impact as decision-makers are less likely to even take a call from someone they do not know.

Social Media was originally used by marketing departments as a method of spreading their message to a large audience quickly and easily. Now groups have been set up to share information and experiences, people give and receive recommendations on social sites and this all goes towards building brand awareness and personal credibility.
How to get the most from your CRM Training
Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, include social functionality to help salespeople by giving visibility to social media information in the context of the person they are speaking to/planning to contact.

By connecting with your target audience, you can generate online communications first, use this to build a relationship before you pick up the phone for the “cold call” – which is now warmer as your contact will be aware of your brand/company/name.

integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings even more information about your contacts and leads directly into the CRM database. Salespeople can gain valuable insight into their leads or contacts as they view their CRM record. ClickDimensions will retrieve data and direct links to the lead or contact’s identities from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. This social profile can then be embedded anywhere in the Dynamics CRM Lead or Contact records.
Social Selling, Social CRM, Social Listening – there are lots of tools and techniques available now. These are all additional tools that should be used alongside more traditional sales methods. Use the information available from social media to have a better understanding of the person before you speak to them. Use other people you know to introduce you to others you would like to be in contact with. Use the power of your social networks to nurture leads, share information and increase awareness of your brand/company – but still, follow this up with traditional sales.

The “cold call” still has a place – it’s just a bit warmer now.

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