How to build a quote in Dynamics 365

How to build a quote in Dynamics 365

Quote Manager is a flexible and easy to use Quoting environment natively built in Dynamics 365.

Quote Manager gives the salesperson the ability to generate the quote as quickly as they would in EXCEL whilst keeping all the data in the Dynamics 365 system.

In Dynamics 365 sales can create the quote from the Opportunity.

Search and filter thousands of products, click on multiple products at a time to add them to the quote….

Once the products are added to the Quote Grid you can Drag and Drop products to order them in the correct order.

Divide the quote into Sections and add also add sub totals so that the quote is easy for your customer to understand.

In this case we have divided the quote into two grids one for Consultancy and one for Licences.

Now we can see the results in the PDF output.

Other capabilities include adding images, links to product sheets, website pages.

You can add an Image

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