Sales Methodology vs Sales Process in Dynamics 365

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Sales Methodology vs Sales Process in Dynamics 365

There are some important differences between the sales process and sales methodology. We examine what these differences are and how these differences effect the value sales teams can get from using Microsoft Dynamics

Sales Process vs Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology vs Sales Process in Dynamics 365 _ CRM dynamics
Firstly, let consider the difference between sales process and sales methodology.

Sales Process

A sales process is a set of sales stages. Within the stages are fields that act as quality gates. Quality gates are reminders of tasks sales must complete before they move to the next stage. The stages in the standard Dynamics 365 sales process are Qualify, Develop, Propose, Close. The Steps are useful for sales leaders to assess the sales pipeline. Displaying the pipeline by stage infers the timescales and likelihood of closing. Applying a Sales processes helps to instil some best practise discipline but does little to help with more complex sales.

Sales Methodology

A sales methodology is an approach that is suited to complex sales. It provides a structured framework for sales rep and managers to review the many variables of the sales cycle. A sales methodology assumes a non – linear route to sales success. It brings clarity and order to a complex situation and is used to determine a set of clear objectives and tasks. 

Sales Process within Dynamics 365

The Opportunity entity comes out of the box with Microsoft’s standard sales process bar. Through some simple customisation you can produce a sales process that can be fit for purpose for any organisation. 

The standard process bar in Dynamics 365 consists of four steps: 
Qualify, Develop, Propose and Close

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The red dot denotes the stage you are on when you click on the target you are presented with a set of tasks that act as quality gates.

Qualify tasks | Sales Methodology vs Sales Process in Dynamics 365 _ CRM dynamics

In the Image (left) shows the Qualify tasks, the sales rep needs to fill in various qualification fields before they can move on to the next Stage.

It provides a reminder of best practise that sales reps should follow.

The Benefits

e.g. you must provide a “purchase order number”, or “Have you attached the signed contract” etc.


visual pipeline forecast by stage

Sales Methodology in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 has very little that helps sales reps and sales managers in terms of a sales methodology. There are fields that can be created that can be used for simple qualification, there is also stakeholder and competitor grids but these are too simple to be worth using.

CRM Dynamics Ltd has developed an add-on solution that helps organisations apply any methodology. The solution comes with its own pre-set methodology but this can be modified to suit your specific needs. The system comes with the following:

The solution is called sales coach as it provides a useful coaching tool to be used by sales and sales managers. Opportunity snap shots can be created following a joint review so that progress can be seen.

Sales Coach for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Get Your Sales Coach For Microsoft Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 provides good capabilities to apply a sales process, from experience the process should be kept as simple as possible.
Sales process is not a very useful for complex sales this is where sales methodologies provide much more support. When methodology is added to CRM is provides an ideal coaching framework and sales managers can really add value to the sales process.
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If you can apply the sales process alongside sales methodology then you have a very robust implementation of Dynamics 365.

CRM Dynamics have a sales methodology solution that can be added to any Dynamics 365 system and the consultancy experience to tailor sales processes and methodologies to give an optimum solution.

Sales Coach – Methodology Solution Dynamics 365

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