Using product configurations & product suggestions | Quote Manager CPQ | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using product configurations & product suggestions | Quote Manager CPQ | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Following our previous article on How to Build a Quote in Dynamics 365, this time, we will explore the CPQ functionality of Quote Manager.

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Quote Manager CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Quote Manager CPQ allows users to configure complex products, offering different product choices where appropriate and suggesting Up-Sell / Cross-Sell items to assist your sales team build quotes tailored to your customers’ needs.

This bundling feature guides the user without reference to technical consultants increasing speed, and reducing cost whilst eliminating errors in your quote-to-cash process.


Increase speed in
Quote Generation


Reduction in
Technical team’s time


Reduction in
Quoting Errors

Present the Quote the way you want to. You can opt to display or hide any lines and/or any costs of each product item. But you retain the ability to access all the detailed information for internal checks, authorisation and to pass to ERP for order processing.

See how it works

Create a new bundle or configuration

First, we go to Quote Manager CPQ in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Adding an existing main unit to the quote grid

Select Create Configuration button


Edit the Product ID and Description of the new product, if needed

Add suggested products into configuration


A new configuration line would appear, then we can select recommendation for this product.


After choosing our recommendations from the main unit, we will be able to see the product options,

then select the items we want and Add to Configuration.

After adding the new items to the grid, the costs and sale prices of the newly created configuration product will be rolled up.




Note: The amounts will be increased after selecting the items

Like we mentioned on the introduction, you can choose to display or hide the cost of additional items and the extra product line on the quote.

Each of the child products in the configuration has a red icon and a black cross icon, these icons tells the document generator to:

Red Icon

Black Cross Icon


Not print the item lines


Not show the cost and sales price in the summary totals

Note: These ensure there is no double counting

Generate a CPQ Quote Document


After activating the quote in Dynamics 365


The Description of the configured product has been enhanced to show information from its related child recommendation products


The longer product description has been built up from all of the child products.


Generate the output document simply with a click


Open the document and see

When the quote is generated, we can see that:

  •  Only the configured product has been added to the output document,

  • the related products are not printed,

  • the description now includes all the details of the related products.
This is just an example of what can be done with Quote Manager CPQ with enhanced functionality using standard Dynamics workflow.


In the world of sales, precision and efficiency are essential for maximizing revenue and ensuring accuracy in quoting.

Quote Manager CPQ Product Configurator enable your sales team to easily add product recommendations to your configurations and create new configurations through product bundling within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This approach not only optimises sales opportunities but also ensures quoting accuracy.

Order Manager for Microsoft D365 CE
Quote Manager CPQ

100% natively in Dynamics 365

You can effortlessly handle the most intricate pricing and complex product configurations, ensuring your quotes are both customised and delivered efficiently within Microsoft Dynamics 365 .

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